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Ernitec is a worldwide manufacturer of video surveillance and security equipment for professionals. The company was founded in 1972 and is today one of the world's most established and innovative manufacturers of a wide range of video surveillance equipment such as:

   - Network & analog technology

   - Dome and box cameras

   - Video matrix systems

   - Digital video recorders

   - Video transmission equipment for twisted pair & fiber cables

   - Passive video transceivers

   - Telemetry receivers

   - Camera housings & brackets

   - Full range of CCTV lenses

   - Passive infrared detectors

   - Complete LON based CCTV systems

From the very start Ernitec considered Europe as the home market, with 70 - 80% of the turnover being in Europe, but with export to all parts of the world.

We develop, produce and market video surveillance equipment of high quality, reliability and we have high focus on supplying the best service in the industry.


We deliver solutions for small and big applications, from the very simple surveillance tasks with only a few cameras, to huge installations with complex networks of cameras, alarms, timers, automation, digital video recorders, and control centers; airports, military sites, prisons, nuclear power plants, shopping malls, sport stadiums and a wide range of other medium and high security applications.

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